AKIYAMA JP40 Double-Sided Multi-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Printing Machine

Machine Features

From the high-speed feeder of 15000SPH, to the preset remote control system such as paper size preset, as well as the automatic equipment such as semi-automatic plate loading system and automatic blanket cleaning system, it not only guarantees the high-speed stability of the equipment, but also enables the equipment to adapt to the long Edition and short edition printing business.

◆Paper size preset

◆Printing pressure preset

◆Registration remote adjustment (circumferential, axial, diagonal)

◆Semi-automatic plate loading system

◆Blanket automatic cleaning system (also used to clean the impression cylinder)

◆Preset ink volume (optional for JP1P140)

Product Overview

1. Control system

1.1 The independent printing console is equipped with standard light sources and see samples

1.2 Printing control system and touch screen

1.3 One-click start

1.4 Printing size and printing pressure preset: feeder head, drawing gauge, brush wheel, attracting car, rushing cardboard

1.5 Remote control printing plate registration: circumferential ±1.20mm, axial ±2.50mm, skew 0.15mm

1.6 The water supply is operated by remote control, and there is speed compensation to ensure the balance of ink and wash

2. Feida and paper feeding system

2.1 Adopt high-speed 4-suction 4-feed feeder head to make paper feeding more stable and smooth

2.2 The paper separating nozzle can adjust the angle separately, suitable for different deformed paper

2.3 The presser foot can be easily adjusted to ensure the distance between different papers and the paper separation nozzle

2.4 There are side blowers on both sides of the paper stack, and the air volume can be adjusted individually

2.5 Left and right adjustment of feeder table

2.6 Vacuum type paper conveying table, and equipped with deceleration device, which reduces positioning time and improves positioning accuracy

2.7 Static elimination device

2.8 Mechanical double sheet detection

2.9 Ultrasonic double sheet detection

2.10 4 front gauges inside can realize manual adjustment of ±0.30mm before and after

2.11 Down-swing front gauge, which can be adjusted up and down as a whole

2.12 4 registration detection devices are located under the front gauge, which can be switched according to the paper size

2.13 Both sides are equipped with high-speed mechanical gauges

2.14 Pull gauge detection device

2.15 The paper feed roller adopts double cams to ensure the accuracy of opening and closing teeth

2.16 The blowing device of the paper feed roller ensures the flatness of the paper when it is delivered to the impression cylinder

2.17 Paper offside control device

3. Ink road part

3.1 Adopt Akiyama’s original arrangement of water rollers to form a uniform water film on the layout

3.2 The bucket roller is independently driven by a continuously variable motor

3.3 Water tank level detection

3.4 Ink and water remote control device

3.5 Relying on the plate water roller is a deceleration type, effectively preventing the generation of ink skin

3.6 The bucket roller can be adjusted unilaterally to achieve large-format printing

3.7 The bucket tank has special materials to achieve heat preservation

3.8 Adopting Akiyama JP's original ink roller arrangement method, effectively preventing ghost images, ink streaks, stains, etc.

3.9 3:1 ink string mode, more suitable for high-speed printing

3.10 There are five levels of ink transfer frequency from 2:1 to 10:1 to adapt to different ink volume requirements

3.11 Ink path blowing device to prevent excessive emulsification of ink

3.12 The bridge roller clutch remote control device can be separated or combined according to different printing conditions

3.13 The ink fountain roller is remotely controlled by a motor, single-acting or interlocking, which is conducive to the fluidity of the ink and prevents the ink from skinning

3.14 Pneumatic clutch of the ink washing scraper makes the operation easier

4. Printing part

4.1 Akiyama's original printing plate, the rubber and imprinting are all single-diameter, and the imprint-to-imprint transfer method is adopted

4.2 Each drum is integrated casting

4.3 Spray anti-rust treatment for each drum

4.4 The printing plate cylinder adopts gun bottom film, and the printing plate is directly installed

4.5 Device for removing rubbish on printing plate

4.6 Plate clamping device with function of preventing fan expansion

4.7 Semi-automatic plate loading system

4.8 Blanket quick clamping device

4.9 Automatic eraser cleaning device

4.10 The lower impression cylinder needs to be covered with a special porcelain sheath

4.11 The roller teeth adopt needle bearings, which are more durable

4.12 The embossing and transfer rollers are made of high-wear and high-strength teeth, tooth pads

4.13 Imprinting and paper transfer roller adopts non-impact system, Akiyama patented conjugate cam type gripper opening and closing mechanism

4.14 Automatic cleaning and imprinting, cleaning the impression cylinder through the cleaning fluid of the blanket cylinder

5. Paper delivery system

5.1 Since the use of stepless honeycomb speed-regulating fan, the optimal air volume adjustment can be carried out according to the thickness of the paper

5.2 Static elimination device

5.3 Adjustment of feeding cam

5.4 Tightly receiving paper blowing device

5.5 Paper roll detection device

5.6 Over-stacking detection device on paper table

5.7 Annular conveyor belt paper guide, effectively preventing scratches

5.8 Remote control function of suction wheel speed

5.9 Split type suction wheel, suitable width can be selected for easy replacement

5.10 Left and right moving device of suction wheel

5.11 Anti-press foot function of delivery table

5.12 Non-stop delivery

Product Advantages

The maximum printing speed of this product can reach 15000 sheets/hour, the maximum paper size is 720×1030, the minimum paper size is 360×540, the maximum paper graphic area can reach 710×1020, and the allowable range of paper thickness is 0.04 to 0.2 mm . That is to say, while the JP40 series has very high printing speed, it can also better adapt to the requirements of different printing tasks. Compared with other double-sided printing machines using flip technology, the JP40 series can save more space, and is more convenient to install and transport.

Product Parameter

Printing speed/sheet/hour150001500015000
Maximum paper size/mm720*1030720*1030720*1030
Minimum printing size/mm360*540360*540360*540
Paper thickness/mm0.04-0.20.04-0.20.04-0.2
Maximum printing size/mm710*1020710*1020710*1020
Plate size/mm800*1030800*1030800*1030
Blanket size/mm975*1035975*1035975*1035
Feeder pile height/mm130013001300
Receiving pile height/mm125012501250
Total machine length/mm6346766910315
Total machine width/mm348034803480
Total height/mm275027502750
Machine weight/kg159002490042900

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