ZMA92C Multifunctional Gravure Printing Machine

Machine Features

◆High paper pile feeder, the height of paper pile can reach 1500mm, paper can be fed and collected without stopping the machine.

◆The cylinder clutch and the squeegee clutch are both pneumatically controlled, with simple structure and smooth action.

◆This machine adopts dual drying system of hot air knife and far infrared rays, which is suitable for high-speed printing.

◆This machine has a variety of optional functions, which can achieve special printing effects such as UV matte, ice, and wrinkling.

◆Swing paper delivery mechanism controlled by new conjugate cam.

◆Efficient and stable delivery device.

◆No impact roller bite opening and closing system.

Product Overview

UV decorative inks usually use screen printing, which can be divided into several printing processes such as frosted, ice, refraction, coral, and leather patterns. They are extremely widely used in packaging and printing, which can make packaging products produce a luxurious, elegant and supreme effect .

However, screen printing UV decorative inks have obvious disadvantages: low production speed, low overprint accuracy, the most important thing is the large ink consumption and high printing cost. These problems restrict the application and development of screen printing UV decorative inks.

The multifunctional gravure printing machine developed by Shanghai Ziming can well replace screen printing, and can be used for UV decorative ink printing of various papers such as coated paper, white paper, gold and silver cardboard, and gold ink, silver ink and pearl ink. Large-area solid printing of printing and other ink colors, and can be flexibly combined with other printing processes such as offset printing and flexo printing. The printing speed is high, the printing is accurate, the full plate is strong, the lines are clear, and the ink color is uniform.

This machine is suitable for all kinds of exquisite packaging printing and anti-counterfeiting printing of cigarette labels, wine labels, high-end cosmetics, and high-end gift boxes.

Product Advantages

The gravure printing machine is the latest multi-purpose sheet-fed wide-format gravure printing machine launched by Shanghai Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. It adopts the design technology of Japanese high-speed offset printing presses. The printing speed can reach 10,000 sheets/hour and the maximum paper format is 940mm. UV decorative ink is the best choice for functional printing and anti-counterfeiting printing, which can greatly reduce ink consumption, increase printing speed, and significantly reduce printing costs.

Product Parameter

Fastest running speed10000 sheets/H
Maximum paper size650*940mm
Minimum paper size393*546mm
Maximum printing area630*930mm
Printing paper thickness0.07-0.45mm
Feeder paper pile height1500mm
Height of paper pile1000mm
Total power43.5kw
Dimensions (length * width * height)10000*4400*2700mm (Including hanger)
Machine packing weightAbout 11000kg

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