Intelligent linkage · Ziming printer made a wonderful appearance at 2020 Qingdao Packaging Industry Exhibition

2020-07-20 09:49:55 浙江紫明印刷机械有限公司 Viewd 1100

On July 17-21, 2020, the "2020 Asia-Pacific International Intelligent Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Asia-Pacific Exhibition)" focusing on intelligent manufacturing and innovative services was grandly held in Qingdao·Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the Ziming printer was unveiled. .

This year's Asia-Pacific Exhibition launched a total of 7 major sections to fully display the new achievements, new applications and all-round solutions related to related supporting products such as automated intelligent manufacturing, power transmission intelligent factories, plastic processing intelligent machinery, robots, intelligent packaging, intelligent warehousing and logistics, and industrial Internet. Solutions to face the challenges and opportunities of the manufacturing industry in the new era.

Shanghai Ziming Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. & Zhejiang Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.), together with Pinghu Yinghou Machinery Co., Ltd., as an innovative force in the field of China's national printing press manufacturing, brought about two years of development The new products and new technical solutions made by the company shined at this exhibition, which attracted great attention from customers in Qingdao and surrounding provinces and cities.

On the evening of July 17, Ziming Printing Machine held a customer appreciation dinner at the Hongdao International Conference Center Hotel. More than 50 customers from Shandong Province attended the event, such as Qingdao Publishing Group, Qingdao Yixin Group, Chinese Group, Qingdao Printing Association, Qingdao Representatives of Double Star, Qingdao Xinhua, Qingdao Luxine, and other units and enterprises attended the scene one after another. Through live watching videos and exchanges, they had a better understanding and understanding of Ziming Printer.

Mr. Dong Zhengping, general manager of Ziming Printing Machinery, delivered a speech at the dinner. He said: "First of all, I would like to thank every guest present. Ziming Printing Machinery can become an important part of China's national printing industry and cannot do without your support! In recent years, Ziming has been continuously absorbing international advanced manufacturing technology and management experience. It has core technologies such as Japan’s Akiyama printing machine and Ito paper cutter, which inject strong power into the domestic printing machine! This time we will appear at the Qingdao Packaging Industry Exhibition. I hope to give customers in Shandong a brand new image display, and on the other hand, I also want to convey to everyone the determination and confidence in the development of the national printing machine industry!"

It is understood that, in order to bring more valuable information to Chinese printing and packaging companies under the epidemic situation, Ziming Printing Machinery and Pinghu Yinghou will jointly create a national tour with the theme of “fighting the epidemic and sharing the difficulties”. The Qingdao exhibition is the first stop of its tour, and will continue to explore the epidemic in many cities across the country.

  "Faced with the market background of the printing industry this year, we have selected some cities to conduct tour activities under the epidemic. The main purpose is to combine the product advantages of Ziming and Yinghou to promote the connection of resources in the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and to give customers benefits. It can ride the wind and waves to help the industry recover!" Dong Zhengping introduced.

At present, Ziming printers mainly focus on three series of single and double-sided offset printers, gravure printers and paper cutters. Among them, the offset printer series introduces the world-renowned Japanese Akiyama offset printing machine technology, and the paper cutter series introduces Japanese Ito paper cutter technology with a century of history.

At the same time, Ziming Printer also pays great attention to technological innovation and product research and development. Its leading products have its own patented technology. In addition, it has also extended the development of inspection machines, UV coating machines, 3D printing machines and three-sided book cutting machines. A product series, and strive to provide customers with more solutions that meet their needs. Among the many product series, Ziming Printing Machine's single-sided and double-sided offset printing presses and gravure printing presses have become the first choice products for many customers in the printing and packaging industry.

With the strong control of the domestic epidemic and the general trend of resumption of production in various industries, in addition to the city tour, Ziming Printing Machinery is also preparing for the new factory open day and exhibition activities at the All India Exhibition. By then, Ziming will show off its style, and many core products will be unveiled, so stay tuned!