ZM2P2104-AL Double-Sided Two-Color Offset Printing Machine

Machine Features

◆High speed and high efficiency (technology and guarantee)

13000 sheets/hour high speed and large format: All printing cylinders adopt double-row precision tapered roller bearings and 5-level precision gears to ensure running accuracy.

Adopt quick plate loading and positioning mechanism, electric control precise plate drawing device, making plate loading and changing faster and easier.

◆Fine prints

It adopts soft and hard structure, good dot reducibility, and excellent printing quality.

Accurate overprinting: double-sided alternate printing is used to ensure accurate overprinting on both sides. The printing plate cylinder can be adjusted in the axial and radial directions without stopping, and the mechanism adopts the latest patented technology.

◆Advanced structure

Easy to operate: The man-machine interface controlled by the touch screen centrally controlled by PLC program makes the equipment highly automated and easy to operate. It adopts pneumatic control roller clutch, ink-wash clutch, and has automatic clutch program and independent step-by-step operation options.

◆Strong applicability

Strong thin paper printing capacity: unique and stable high-speed paper feeder, conjugate cam paper feeding mechanism and downward swing front gauge, so that thin paper printing can reach a higher speed. External adjustment mechanism of paper thickness press.

◆Safe and reliable

The whole machine is designed according to the structure of heavy-duty high-speed operation, with a total weight of about 27 tons, which is stable and durable. The printing plate, rubber, and impression cylinder are sprayed with stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant.

Product Overview

The paper passes through the paper feeder (also known as feeder or paper separator) to separate the paper pile on the pile of cardboard into single sheets, and then continuously feed the paper according to the stacking method. The paper reaches the front rule one by one, and the front rule is positioned longitudinally, and then It is positioned horizontally by the side guides, and is gripped by the pendulum-type paper delivery mechanism before being conveyed to the paper feed roller. The paper is transferred to the upper and lower impression cylinders of a color group in turn by the paper feed roller. After the upper and lower impression cylinders bite the paper, the paper rolls through between the upper and lower blanket cylinders of the first color group. The graphic imprints on the upper and lower blanket cylinders are transferred to the front and back sides of the printed paper, and the paper is transferred by the transfer cylinder to the upper and lower impression cylinders of the two-color group. On the two-color group, After the lower impression cylinder bites the paper, it also rolls through between the upper and lower blanket cylinders of the two-color group, and transfers the graphic imprints on the upper and lower blanket cylinders of the two-color group to the front and back sides of the printed paper. The paper delivery roller transfers the paper to the delivery system. The delivery system's teething mechanism grips the delivery to the delivery board, and the cam knocks the teeth away. Finally, the paper falls on the delivery board. The paper stacking system stacks the paper in order to complete the double-sided print.

The maximum speed of the equipment can reach 13000 sheets/hour, the maximum printing paper format is 1040mm*720mm, and the printing paper thickness is 0.04~0.2mm, which has a wide range of applications.

This equipment continues the company's decades of printing press manufacturing experience, combined with the advanced technology of printing equipment from Japan and Germany, and uses a large number of parts and components of famous brands at home and abroad. Such as: Japan Mitsubishi inverter, Japan IKO bearing, Germany Baker air pump, Germany Siemens circuit breaker, etc.

Product Advantages

The double-sided lithographic printing machine is suitable for double-sided printing of all kinds of manuals, product catalogs, books and periodicals. It can greatly reduce the user's production cost and maximize the excellent cost performance. It is a double-sided with a novel and unique design and high technical content. Monochrome printing press.

Product Parameter

Fastest running speed13000 sheets/H
Maximum paper size720*1040mm
Minimum paper size360*520mm
Maximum printing area710*1030mm
Printing paper thickness0.04-0.2mm(40g-200g/m2
Feeder paper pile height1200mm
Stack height of delivery paper1100mm
Total power45kw
Dimensions (length * width * height)7800*3650*2750mm
Machine packing weightAbout 27000kg

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