ZMJ104S Inspection Machine

Machine Features

◆Strictly check key parts! Level setting, can realize XY size change

◆No influence of position deviation

◆ Holographic detection method

◆With various special defect inspection circuits

◆Convenient settings make operation safe

◆The screen can be displayed as a whole or partially enlarged

◆The problematic part can be framed and marked for defects

◆Double-sided inspection, three-stage conveying mode, etc., can be selected according to needs

Product Overview

At present, the detection of large sheets of paper and large sheets of printed matter basically adopts manual operations in China. In recent years, labor costs have risen rapidly. It is an inevitable trend for inspection machines to replace manual detection, and market demand is expanding. However, most of the existing inspection machines are flat sheet and small-format paper inspection machines, which are suitable for smaller sizes and are basically single-sided inspections. However, large sheets of thick paper such as medicine boxes and food packaging boxes are printed according to food and medicine. The standard stipulates that although there is no text pattern on the reverse side, smearing, ink and paper defects are never allowed, and double-sided inspection must be carried out.

In addition, there are a large number of double-sided printed materials such as manuals, reading materials, examination papers and so on. Both require double-sided inspection, so large-format and double-sided inspection inspection machines will usher in a rapid development stage.

Ziming has been exporting inspection machines to Japan Hirose Co., Ltd. for six years. Hirose and Ziming adopted a cooperative approach. Ziming undertook the manufacturing of the main machine part, coupled with Japanese double-receiving paper system and inspection system, and then set up in Japan. And sold abroad, more than 30 units have been exported so far.

At present, Ziming has developed a complete double-sided inspection machine with independent intellectual property rights, which can be used for single-sided inspection or double-sided inspection. It is equipped with a high-end inspection system for RMB inspection, which can scratch, Ink dot, whiteness, chromatic aberration and other defects are inspected in all directions

Product Advantages

The ZMJ104S double-sided inspection machine performs the printed sheet inspection on both the front and back sides of the printed sheets, automatically sorts the unqualified printed sheets, and enters the waste warehouse and the good product warehouse in the delivery section. Optimize the process flow of printed products, greatly reduce labor costs, and more importantly, completely overcome the shortcomings of false picking and missed inspection caused by human factors, and improve the accuracy of inspection. This is currently the printing enterprise is actively exploring and practicing Process method.

Product Parameter

Product numberZMJ104S
Operating speed10000 sheets/H
Maximum paper format720*1040mm
Minimum paper format360*520mm
Maximum detection area710*1040mm
Printing paper thickness0.06-0.4mm
Feeder paper pile height1200mm
Height of paper pile1200mm
Total power11kw
Dimensions (length * width * height)7500*3380*2200mm
Machine packing weightAbout 15000kg

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