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Zhejiang Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise invested and established by Ziming Group that specializes in printing machinery. It enjoys a good reputation in the printing machinery industry at home and abroad.

Ziming printing machine has a long history. It was born in the 1920s. In 1956, it was transformed by a public-private partnership and established the "Shanghai No. 1 Printing Machinery Factory", a state-owned enterprise under the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau.

In 1998, "Shanghai Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.," wholly-owned by the British Ziwen Investment Co., Ltd., was established. The introduction of foreign capital has brought the company to a new level of development, accelerated the transformation to modernization, and made the company enter the fast lane as a well-known printing machinery manufacturer in China. The company has successively introduced advanced manufacturing and testing equipment from the United States, Spain, Italy, Taiwan and other places as well as Japanese double-sided offset presses, two-color offset presses and other manufacturing technologies; it has attracted and cultivated a large number of outstanding technical personnel, making the company's overall scale and product development The level of R&D design and process manufacturing has leapt into the ranks of leading domestic manufacturing companies.

In 2009, the British Ziwen Investment Co., Ltd. transferred its investment strategy. Mr. Du Longfei resolutely joined hands with Zhejiang Tianjie Group to wholly acquire Ziming Company, and promoted "Shanghai Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd." to a brand-new business development platform. , Opened the way for private enterprises. Since then, Ziming printers, which have appeared in the Chinese printing machinery market with a new look, have increased R&D investment in products with competitive advantages and obtained a number of technological innovation patents. The company has continued to maintain double-sided printers, gravure printers, and large sheets. While maintaining the leading position in technology in subdivisions such as inspection machines, it has been continuously developing towards new models with great market prospects such as special anti-counterfeiting printing machines and double-sided coating machines.

In 2018, with the continuous expansion of production scale, the company built a new factory in Zhejiang and established "Zhejiang Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.". In order to make its products more competitive in the market, Zhejiang Ziming not only introduces the international leading offset printing machine and paper cutter manufacturing technology, but also transforms and innovates to further meet customer needs. At present, the company's leading products include four series of products: double-sided offset printing machine, gravure printing machine, inspection machine and Ito paper cutter. Among them, the double-sided offset printing machine and gravure printing machine series have become the first choice for customers in the printing and packaging industry.

Ziming Printing Machinery Company will always take "creating value for customers" as its mission, provide customers with high-quality products and excellent services, and achieve common progress and development with customers. We will work together with our partners to gradually build "Ziming Printing Machine" into an internationally renowned and domestic first-class printing and post-press equipment manufacturer.