Maintenance and maintenance of offset printing machine

2020-12-22 15:34:03 浙江紫明印刷机械有限公司 Viewd 943

Corrosion: Long-term exposure of many working parts to media such as ink, water, fountain solution, etc. causes corrosion on the surface of the parts, causing rust spots and pitting, and in severe cases, large areas of deep corrosion. Roller bearings and some parts of the water supply system and ink supply system belong to this type of damage process.

Wear: A large number of moving parts will wear out for a long time under high-speed and certain load conditions. If the lubrication system fails or the manual refueling is not timely, it will cause premature wear and cause component failure. A large amount of dust in the printing workshop will block the oil circuit and cause the oil supply system to malfunction. A large number of bearings, including all kinds of open-threaded balls, fail mainly due to fatigue and wear, that is, under long-term load, after a certain period of use, cracks appear at a certain depth under the bearing surface, and this crack gradually expands. As a result, the bearing surface will be peeled off. As the peeling area increases, the vibration and noise of the bearing will increase during operation, which will eventually lead to its failure.