Matters needing attention in printing machine maintenance

2020-12-22 15:34:03 浙江紫明印刷机械有限公司 Viewd 969

1. Check the low-speed running status of the printing press, and record the reading of the ammeter on the main electric cabinet, as a reference standard for judging whether the printing press is normal when the machine restarts after the festival.

2. First wash off the ink on the ink roller, and then remove all the ink rollers on the unit to avoid damage to the rubber roller due to long-term compression and deformation. And check the bearings at both ends, use the accumulated paste to maintain the rubber roller, use the copper rubbing water to maintain the copper roller, and rub the printing plate protective glue on the stringing roller and the water bucket roller. Please follow the previous operating instructions for the specific usage.

3. After cleaning the ink fountain, ink fountain key, and ink fountain roller, apply a layer of lubricating oil for maintenance to prevent rust.

4. Remove all the blanket, liner and PS plate, and smear a little lubricating oil on the surface of the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder and the roller pillow for maintenance to prevent rust. If the printing plate cylinder is not installed with the plate bottom film, it is also necessary to apply a little lubricating oil on the surface of the plate cylinder and the roller for anti-rust treatment. If the plate bottom film is installed and the installation time has exceeded 3 months, please Remove the gun bottom film and clean the plate cylinder with alcohol. If it has not been more than 3 months, please clean the film with a dry cloth (the roller pillow should also be wiped with a little lubricant for rust prevention).

5. Remove all the roller pillow brushes from each color group, soak them in a lubricating oil bucket, and install them when you go to work after the holiday.

6. Drain the water in the water tank and the water bucket and clean the water bucket of each color group. In addition, put the PH test probe into the protective liquid to prevent drying out (it is strictly forbidden to put the PH test head in pure water).

7. Clean and scrub the chain and tooth row of the delivery section and refuel for maintenance.

8. Clean the grippers and pads of the transfer roller and impression roller, and add oil to the lubrication part for maintenance.

9. Clean all filters of the machine, replace those with a service life of more than one year, and add oil to the lubricating parts of the whole machine.

10. In order to protect and extend the life of the printing press, it is recommended to replace the main engine lubricating oil and filter, and pay attention to the type and origin of the lubricating oil, so as not to add wrong or use fake oil.

11. If the machine is equipped with string water roller cooling equipment, and the ambient temperature may be lower than 0℃, please add antifreeze to the cooling water or simply drain the cooling water to prevent freezing and cracking of water pipes and related equipment (oil coolers do not need to be placed oil).

12. Turn off the power supply of the main engine and the tap water switch of the water tank, release the air and water in the air compressor, and release the air from the air control device in the main engine.

13. Clean the surface of the machine and clean up the surrounding environment. It is best to cover the machine with paper.

14. Do a good job of preventing rats. Put some stinky balls (mothballs) in the electric box, the bottom of the machine, etc.; it is strictly forbidden to eat and place food in the printing workshop; install two ultrasonic electric cats next to each machine and turn on 24 hours; customers who use WEKO powder spraying machine please use The PS version protects the dusting funnel in the dusting machine to avoid damage by mice. (This is the key point in the key!)

15. In addition to the above content, please also complete other items in the daily routine daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tables